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Here to help. Post your team and get good constructive feedback on your selections. We will share our thoughts and concerns to help each other build better teams and hopefully win our respective mini-leagues.

How does it work?

Tell us your first 11, bench, cash in the bank and captain as we’ll take a look. We might tell you there is too much money sitting in the bank. We might question if you have the right striker or goalkeeper. We will point out obvious errors like it is rarely a good idea to have a defender as captain. For sure you will be told about the absence of a ‘star’ player and the captain de-jour.

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The most advanced RMT algorithm on the market today is now in “Release 7 Beta”, meaning it has been updated with the latest functionality to help managers for the full season. Based on published research, and capable of machine learning, our Advisor is a powerful FPL analytics tool. Our Points Prediction engine takes into account new signings, formation changes, manager changes, and many other factors.

However, Fantasy Football First’s uniqueness is that as well as the excellent analytics engine, we have excellent FPL managers who’s opinion you can canvas. Data and experts – a powerful winning combination. Check if your team is ready and import your FPL team. Enter your FPL Team Code and import your team direct from the FPL site!

Option 2: Write your team in a comment

Post the players you select in the formation you want to play them, and separately list your subs., transfers and remaining cash in the bank. For example:

Please rate my team:

Baines, Terry, Azpi
Ozil, Payet, Wanyama, Townsend
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Mignolet, Chadli, Smith and Fosu-M.

Captain: Ozil and Vice is Payet.
Money in the bank: £1.5m
Transfers Mingolet -> Boruk so I have cash to upgrade Terry next week

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Linking your team means anyone can click on your profile image and see your team. This helps because the reviewer can see your transfer history and get a sense of your overall strategy. After all, we don’t want to suggest a player you have just sold.

To link your team

1. get the url of your team from fantasy.premierleague.com. To do this open the game and click on POINTS. In the “Game Week Points” section you will see “View Gameweek history”. Open the Gameweek history page. Copy this URL.

2. Click “Profile” in the footer of the site. This will open your profile page.

The website field is in yellow on the image above.

3. copy the url into the Website field on your profile page and save.

Can YOU help someone?

You’re more than welcome to join the fun. Helping each other out is what this site is all about. The sharing, the arguing and yes the gloating is all part of the fun. Its not all stats, stats, stats. Just give constructive feedback on the team and your view on the points it will earn, and you are all set.

Keep popping back

As the season progresses we’ll provide all sorts of articles, stats and tables to help everyone to maximise their points potential. We’re also posting updates on who is playing well or playing out of position in the weekly game reviews, thereby giving us all the latest information. The first set of tables are out and will be updated on Thursday. So keep popping back to see the latest player information.

We look forward to reading your teams

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488 thoughts on “Help My Team for game week 25

  1. Hi all
    Not sure what to do but thinking of saving my FT. Ive got .8 ITB
    Foster Pickford
    Holebas Walker Baines Chambers Kingsley
    Sanchez Hazard Phillips Alli Barry
    Carroll Lukaku Ibra

  2. Hello @ChorleyRocks and other managers, with £0m itb, I need to make my transfers real quick, what do you suggest I do? See my unconfirmed selection involving the transferring out of Mirallas and Defoe

    Click to enlarge image

  3. Jakupovic / Grant
    Alonso / McAuley / Walker / (Pieters) (Amat)
    Sanchez / Firmino / Ali / Siggy / Phillips
    Kane / Ibra c / (anichebe)

    0.1m in the bank 1 FT

    Much appreciated guys, my thinking is Lukaku in for Kane before he goes up in price tonight and before Kane drops. Then next GW get Ibra out for Costa?

  4. Finally made a huge comeback last week with 101 points :twisted:

    Even more reason now for me to be extra careful, because I’m just a 2 spots away from the top guy in my league. What do you guys think I should do with my current team?

    Mannone / Grant
    Chambers / Coleman / Walker / McAuley / Pieters
    Sanzhez / Phillips / Snodgrass / Alli / Stanislas
    Defoe / Ibra / Lukaku

    I’ve got about 1.8m left in the bank, which still isn’t enough to pull in Siggy unfortunately.

    • @Martin Soscary Stanislas to Sigurdsson not possible?

      Dropping one of the GK for Jakupovic is an option. Alternatively, you can drop Stanislas to Fletcher/Fraser

      Good side, so not much can be done

      • @Zaid Unfortunately I’m short of 0.4m even if I drop Stan for Siggy. Looks like I’m just going to be Siggy-less for now. I’lll look into Fletcher/Fraser, thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Hello @ChorleyRocks, @Kralin and all other good managers out there :)

    Please give me your advise about my team. I have 1 FT, and 0 ITB.

    My plan this GW was to swap out Ibra for Costa since Ibra has a blank in GW 26. And Costa is in a quite good form.

    But I’am leaning on saving the FT now due to GW 28. What is your suggestion? Am I good to go, or am I missing anything in my team?

    Cheers ;)

    Click to enlarge image

  6. 1FT and 1.9 ITB
    Should I do anything?
    Foster, Grant
    Baines, Macauley, Gibson, Walker, Kelly
    Mirallas, Phillips, Snodgrass, Sanchez, Matic
    Defoe, Ibra, Kane
    My bench is grant, Gibson, Kelly, Matic
    Have got Sanchez and Defoe for long so will lose tons if I transfer them now.
    Midfield has been very disappointing for last 5 GW.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @aptiwa I’d keep Defoe for the rest of the season, unless he gets injured.

      You could look at Siggy. You could downgrade Matic to a cheap Hull mid? Kelly to Coleman is another move you could consider.

      • @Kralin thanks. Whom should I get rid of to get Siggy? I have already had a not satisfactory experience with him so will be taking a leap of faith for him.
        Coleman makes me tripling on Everton. So maybe I lose Mirallas?

        • @aptiwa I’d do Mirallas to Siggy – would leave enough for Kelly to Funes Mori next week!? Otherwise could swap Ibra for Lukaku next week to cover the BGW!?

  7. My Rules Invitational Cup
    1 CCsUnder7sFC 56pts v One from one country Zaid 53pts
    2 Coquis, Chicha Libre 47pts v Zed’s Southern Men 47pts
    3 Red Devils Zorro 31pts v Folks New in Town S K 92pts
    4 Goldi’s feeling blue 45pts v DutchArmada Van Dan 57pts
    Draw is 1st v 4th etc. Zed’s team went through on away team rule.
    1 CCsUnder7sFC v DutchArmada Van Dan
    2 Zed’s Southern Men v Folks New in Town S K
    Due to the League Cup final and GW28 removing the number of possible players for ‘colours’ teams, the Blues can use WBA and the Reds the Bournemouth players.
    Game on, good luck all.

  8. NEED help. Have lost 4 games in a row and I am

    Ok. After much thinking I sold Aguero. It was tough for me as he was one of my key players. Anyway Thanks Pep … :hurt:

    I spent the money for – Lukaku, Snodgrass (for Alan) and Alonso (for Pieters).
    I have dreamed for Alonso so long I hope he will keep the form.

    What you suggest to be my next move ? De roon for N’Diaye seems like good option.
    Next thing may be to sell Coutinho . He is other of my key players, but form and Pool results are nightmare … If I sell him – what improvement you suggest .

    And to summarize my pain :

    1.Sugested improvements
    2. Keep or Sell Coutinho
    3. If do – What to do with money I got from him
    4. Best captain for my team this week (Sánchez now, but Hull form is good and Arsenal … well you know)

    Onces again thanks all for your support

    Click to enlarge image

    • @jackthejackal I wouldn’t take another hit this week. Sanchez seems fine as a captain choice, I’m heading that way myself. I’m considering what yu’re considering re de Roon, but not this week. Monitor Coutinho, Siggy could come in there. Try and squeeze in an Everton full-back.

    • @jackthejackal Drop Coutinho and pick up Morrison, West From have 3 easy games coming up and two of then]m are at home. Also you will get some good cash to play with later

  9. Hey Lads! I’;d like your opinion on how i can sort this team out, I have done badly this year.
    Keepers: Heaton and Valdes
    Defenders:Valencia, Brunt, Baines, Jones and Holgate
    Midfielders: Zaha, Phillips, Erickson, Coutinho and Barkley
    Forwards: Defoe, Costa, and Negredo

    I have now 3.0 million in the bank and one free transfer.
    Thanks for your Help

    • @JESSVANPELT Siggy for Zaha? Can you get Lukaku in for Negredo? Valencia to Coleman? Try and aim for a strong first XI. You could downgrade one of your mids if you’re playing 3-4-3.

      • @Kralin Siggy is only a one week fix as next week the Swans have Chelsea.
        Lukakau is a consideration but in the past he does well in one match and the next three he does nothing, anytime i have had him he does nothing. Cole man is a good Choice. Thanks :)

        • @JESSVANPELT Siggy has a tricky fixture next week but he’s fixture proof. He’s like Defoe. You can park him in your side and forget about him. Lukaku is currently the joint highest points scorer for forwards. He will play in weeks 26 and 28.

  10. Help please! Poor scores and red arrows the last two game weeks but I have no idea what to do! :cry:

    2fts and 0 in the bank

    Heston / Grant
    Azpilicueta / Gibson / Pieters / Holebas / Love
    Alli / Sanchez / Lallana / Allen / Davies
    Costa / Kane / Ibrahimovic

    • @EZTiger Defense and midfield need some work. Lallana to Sigurdsson is straight forward move. For Allen I would like Snodgrass but thats not possible, so better to save 2nd FT…

      Next week dropping Sanchez would give cash to get Snodgrass for Allen aswell as a better defender for Love/Holebas

    • @Kvothe I would bench Pickford, Benteke, Jones and Amat (in that order). Pickford, Jones and Amat probably won’t play anyway and Benteke is playing against Grant, so better to bench him and hope for a Stoke clean sheet.

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