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Here to help. Post your team and get good constructive feedback on your selections. We will share our thoughts and concerns to help each other build better teams and hopefully win our respective mini-leagues.

How does it work?

Tell us your first 11, bench, cash in the bank and captain as we’ll take a look. We might tell you there is too much money sitting in the bank. We might question if you have the right striker or goalkeeper. We will point out obvious errors like it is rarely a good idea to have a defender as captain. For sure you will be told about the absence of a ‘star’ player and the captain de-jour.

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The most advanced RMT Automated Adviser on the market today is now in “Release 7 Beta”, meaning it has been updated with the latest functionality to help managers for the full season. Based on published research, and capable of machine learning, our Automated Adviser is a powerful FPL analytics tool. Our Points Prediction engine takes into account new signings, formation changes, manager changes, and many other factors.

However, Fantasy Football First’s uniqueness is that as well as the excellent analytics engine, we have excellent FPL managers who’s opinion you can canvas. Data and experts – a powerful winning combination. Check if your team is ready and import your FPL team. Enter your FPL Team Code and import your team direct from the FPL site!

Option 2: Write your team in a comment

Post the players you select in the formation you want to play them, and separately list your subs., transfers and remaining cash in the bank. For example:

Please rate my team:

Baines, Gibson, Azpi
Sigy, Sanchez, Wanyama, Fletcher
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Lloris, Chadli, Morgan and Silva.

Captain: Sanchez and Vice is Defoe.
Money in the bank: £1.5m
Transfers Lloris -> Robles so I have cash to upgrade Wanyama next week

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Linking your team means anyone can click on your profile image and see your team. This helps because the reviewer can see your transfer history and get a sense of your overall strategy. After all, we don’t want to suggest a player you have just sold.

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1. get the url of your team from fantasy.premierleague.com. To do this open the game and click on POINTS. In the “Game Week Points” section you will see “View Gameweek history”. Open the Gameweek history page. Copy this URL.

2. Click “Profile” in the footer of the site. This will open your profile page.

The website field is in yellow on the image above.

3. copy the url into the Website field on your profile page and save.

Can YOU help someone?

You’re more than welcome to join the fun. Helping each other out is what this site is all about. The sharing, the arguing and yes the gloating is all part of the fun. Its not all stats, stats, stats. Just give constructive feedback on the team and your view on the points it will earn, and you are all set.

Keep popping back

As the season progresses we’ll provide all sorts of articles, stats and tables to help everyone to maximise their points potential. We’re also posting updates on who is playing well or playing out of position in the weekly game reviews, thereby giving us all the latest information. The first set of tables are out and will be updated on Thursday. So keep popping back to see the latest player information.

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683 thoughts on “Help My Team for game week 34

  1. Conte confirms that Courtois has trained this week after recovering from an ankle problem. Reports also suggest Alonso is expected to return for Chelsea after training this week following recent illness. Cahill remains doubtful for Chelsea’s cup clash with Spurs due to a kidney stone.

    • @Drazen Montenegro taking a chance on a defender as captain, I would look at PvA or Gibson before Gibson. We have Jose to thank for the uncertainty.

        • @Drazen Montenegro sorry that should have read Gibson over Valencia. I am trying to decide between Benteke or Negredo and currently leaning Negredo just because of the fixtures.His form isn’t as strong as Benteke, but does have 2 goals in the last 3 games. If there were to be any time to get hot, BOU and SUN are it. Benteke has been in fine form, but I am having issues with the fxitures.

  2. One keeper fo rthe rest of the season….who is it?
    Cech 2 dgw but tough fixtures, Lloris has a dgw but tough fixtures Courtouis, has a dgw but easier fixtures….
    this is my last keeper transfer of the year.

    • @bgkennedy9 Courtois’ fixtures is probably the best we can get… Issue with top teams GKs is they dont make many saves and no BPs either, its tough to justify their price tag.

      But yes, Courtois would be my pick

    • @bgkennedy9 Definitely Courtois – DGW and decent upcoming fixtures – but be aware of what Zaid said

  3. Flip flopping this week, as I have held any transfers until today.
    Van Aanholt, Jagielka, Gibson
    Alli, Eriksen, King, Zaha
    Lukaku, Kane

    Question, do you start Sane (3-5-2) or Negredo (3-4-3)?

      • @Zaid next question, how do you feel about running out the season with 3 City players? Sterling, Sane and Aguero or one of the two midfielders and Aguero?

        • @STOUMI Good shout. Playing for top 4, good fixtures and an attacking team. 3 might be too much but its season end, worth a punt.

          I do prefer Silva over Sterling though… Also Jesus is back, lets see what happens with Aguero in 2-weeks time.

  4. Been toying with the idea of wildcarding this week as already on a -8 and also have Zlatan & Rojo. Wildcarding could get me something like this with 3.1m in bank to play with.

    GW34 – Gibson, Bailly, Zaha, Negredo, Rashford x2 games
    GW35 Transfer – Negredo -> Gabbiadini
    GW36 – Save FT – Sanchez, JWP, Stephens, Gabbi x2 games (not too bothered with extra Arsenal)
    GW37 – 2FT and BB with only Zaha/Gibson without a double game but if take into consideration I’m saving transfer points this week I could spare some if get injuries and with Jesus on the return won’t be so hard getting city attack in for Rashford.

    Click to enlarge image

      • @Sir Tinkerman

        Hi Sir Tinkerman,

        As you may be aware, we have been having a few site issues of late.
        Could you briefly let me know how your multiple posts came about (I am not concerned if it was a result of human error), but I am reporting any site issues back to ChorleyRocks and this may fall into that category.

        Many thanks for your time.

        OldGoat (Admin team)

    • am fine with that, as I expect the returns to make up for the point hits. Although this week was supposed to be straight forward, the lure of Negredo is strong. Not sure it should be as strong as it is since Boro has been poor at finding the goal, but returns in 2 out of 3 provide a glimmer of hope. If it disrupts plans for a WC in the coming weeks, then I would take the -8 and hope for the best. It might go without saying, but don’t transfer in someone you don’t intend on starting, which is another problem I face if I don’t stick to my strategy and take a -8 this week.

    • @Sir Tinkerman I agree with Stoumi about Negredo I’m not keen on him and as you won’t have wildcard with his later games you will have to take him out again. Kompany is a good shout if he can stay injury free and squad looks strong. I would advise against Courtois as you have Alonso, they haven’t looked as unbrecahable, Courtois is expensive as they aren’t going to get Bonuses or save points, Lloris for me is a better shout.

    • @Birman Valencia might be a concern to play both matches, Bailly could be a better option for both games, but does’t have the offensive prowess as Valencia does.

  5. 1.9m in the bank and 2 FT, ready to take a -4 hit, so please give me suggestions…thinking of bringing in negredo and gibson for ibra and brunt…should i keep origi or transfer him with rashford/benteke??

    Click to enlarge image

    • @ggmu1010 the underlying stats are strong for Benteke, I would bring him in over Rashford who may or may not get 120 minutes this DGW. No Valdes in goal hurts Boro’s defense, don’t support Guzan but I would still bring in Gibson, in fact I am starting him on my squad this week. Still on the fence with Negredo, who’s been a disappointment this year, no consistency at all offensively. The fixtures don’t get any better with BOU, who ships many goals and SUN, who hasn’t had but a single CS all season. So it looks good for him, but I am not sure I trust him for the DGW

      • @STOUMI Negredo/Gibson good choices. Keep Origi though. Rashford seems like a logical choice but he just played 120mns yesterday and is likely to be rested.

    • @ggmu1010

      Why are you all banking on Gibson guys ? I’m going for Friend personally, much cheaper…. Ibra out is an obvious move I reckon.

  6. So I’m thinking of getting Rashford or Negredo in place of Barnes. Any preferences?
    To get him I need money for which I’m looking to replace Macaulay with a cheapie from Hull like Ranocchia or Maguire. Or maybe Barragon?

    Any other ideas?
    I’m already – 4 with 1.6m ITB

    Click to enlarge image

    • @aptiwa I like Maguire going forward, Hull has some good match ups and he’s found the net in 2 out of 3 recent matches and just 0.6% TSB! Rashford transfers seem to be picking up pace, Man United has 2 DGWs, which could be the deciding factor, even though Negredo has better fixtures in DGW34, I feel Rashford is a stronger candidate the rest of the season.

  7. Hi guys,
    I’m gonna WC after GW34 in order to TC GW 36 i BB GW37.
    What to do today, as I already used my FT but 1 hit is no problem for me
    Ibra –> Kane (have Alli) / Benteke (have Zaha) /or Negredo

    Who to captain? – yes I know that is the question of the day. Kane (if brought) / Lukaku? Negredo (if brought)?

    • @donbagino1

      I would bring Kane in, and Captain Lukaku against a jittery West Ham.
      I cannot see Middlesbrough getting many goals, even against Sunderland and Bournemouth. Benteke might get one against Liverpool, but Spurs have a decent defence

      • @OldGoat
        30sec before your post Ibra–>Negredo…it’s a gamble and later I’ll decide who to cap.
        Last question, who to play: Pieters, Holgate, Stones (drop 1 of them)

        • @donbagino1

          Bench Pieters on the off-chance that Swansea finally realise they are in a relegation scrap and start scoring goals.
          West Ham are almost safe, and are probably thinking of their summer holidays instead of troubling an Everton defence

  8. Does anyone else think Aguero’s place isn’t assured anymore as it was before Jesus’ injury? If it is I’ll have to bring Kane in but who do I drop and bring in instead?
    Walker, Eriksen and Alli. Thanks I’ve got .7 mil in the bank.

  9. Out of these defenders and midfielders would you choose the same?
    a) Valencia, Davies, Gibson
    b) Zaha, Clayton, Firmino, Alli

    On the bench I have the following players:
    Siggy, Daniels, Mawson.


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