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Here to help. Post your team and get good constructive feedback on your selections. We will share our thoughts and concerns to help each other build better teams and hopefully win our respective mini-leagues.

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Tell us your first 11, bench, cash in the bank and captain as we’ll take a look. We might tell you there is too much money sitting in the bank. We might question if you have the right striker or goalkeeper. We will point out obvious errors like it is rarely a good idea to have a defender as captain. For sure you will be told about the absence of a ‘star’ player and the captain de-jour.

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Post the players you select in the formation you want to play them, and separately list your subs., transfers and remaining cash in the bank. For example:

Please rate my team:

Baines, Gibson, Azpi
Sigy, Sanchez, Wanyama, Fletcher
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Lloris, Chadli, Morgan and Silva.

Captain: Sanchez and Vice is Defoe.
Money in the bank: £1.5m
Transfers Lloris -> Robles so I have cash to upgrade Wanyama next week

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You’re more than welcome to join the fun. Helping each other out is what this site is all about. The sharing, the arguing and yes the gloating is all part of the fun. Its not all stats, stats, stats. Just give constructive feedback on the team and your view on the points it will earn, and you are all set.

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779 thoughts on “Help My Team for game week 38

  1. Hi guys, missed the window to wildcard my team before DGWs as games were coming thick and fast..still managed decent 129 last week. SO playing it this week..please suggest me strongest starting 11 of players who you think will most definitely start as I’ll be picking cheapest bench. my team value is 102.7m. Here’s my current team just in case.

    Click to enlarge image

      I doubt Valencia and Rashford will play. Jose will need them for the EL. Go with players from Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City. These are the teams still fighting for something.

      • @IvanTheTerrible okay thanks! so played around a bit..how’s this? any changes? 0.1 ITB ,wildcard on

        Click to enlarge image

  2. Had a killer Double GW this time. Thanks a lot everyone, whoever helped me RMT.
    Went from 750k to 174k with 202 points. So gassed!
    Anyway, it’s the last GW and I’d like to finish with a bang.
    So, RMT, guys!
    Thanks in advance! :D
    I have 1 FT, and 2.2 ITB.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @AdiDutta_69

      If you are prepared to take a hit, then King to Coutinho and Capoue to Carroll.
      If not, then Llorente to Origi and bench Capoue.

      I am tempted to Captain Kane against a weak Hull side. Man City have a lot of players who could score, and Arsenal have a slightly tougher game against Everton + Sanchez could be subbed early ahead of the F.A Cup final

      • @OldGoat Thanks a lot! :D
        Kane is a good option, but I’m only worried about his fitness level as the game comes pretty fast and Spurs don’t anything to play for.

    • @AdiDutta_69 Awesome ! I was pleased going 700k to 300k and have been pleased with myself 2nd half of the season after disaster first, so good to know 100k could be in reach. Fabregas if possible would be good for King if not Origi possibly.

  3. Hi guys.
    1. Who is more likely to feature this weekend. Hazard or Alli? Obviously I need a place for Coutinho
    2. Gabbi also must go. Who is the best option?: Vokes/Llorente/Origi (doubling Liverpool/Giroud

    • @donbagino1 1) 50/50 I couldn’t drop Alli but he may swap with Eriksen. Chelsea rested a lot v Watford but not Haz so maybe he might not start and come on or comes off early. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
      2) Origi I’d say as Firmino looks like missing out.

      • @Jamo97
        2) Firmino late fitness test so who knows. At the moment if Hazard–>Coutinho than I can affort Giroud. On the other hand this is the final GW so team who play for nothing may have a game for fun and goals should come (Swansea, Burnley)

    • @donbagino1

      Everybody is buying Coutinho, it’s laughable.
      In the last DGW I shoved Alli for KDB and kept Son.

      Everybody put Alli on a pedestal , no one is mentioning SON’s exceptional season, it’s unbelievable especially considering his price tag guys !
      Think SON son lol :bow:

      Then i’d say Llorente ,

  4. @IvanTheTerrible

    Hey Ivanie. Not been on the site for a while when you have been around.
    How goes your EPL teams? One last push and then a break until the pre-season studying kicks off in July :highfive:

    • @OldGoat
      Not the best season to be honest. I messed up everything midseason and used the WC early. Managed only 137 points with the bb. See post 82. What do you think?
      And how is your team doing?

      • @IvanTheTerrible

        I would do Alli to Coutinho and Rashford to Origi.
        Keep Ozil as Arsenal still have something to play for.

        Going in to DGW37, I was 71 pts behind the leader. We were both playing bench Boost and I had resigned myself to finishing 2nd.
        Incredibly I made up 49 pts on him and am now 22 pts behind. It would be a miracle if I was able to overcome that deficit. One small problem, I took an 8 pt hit BEFORE the Leicester v Spurs game, as I was convinced I didn’t stand any chance of winning.

        Going to be a nail-biting last week though

        • The words “if only” spring to mind –

          If only I had Captained Kane. If only I had replaced Gabbiadini with a plank of wood

        • @OldGoat
          :lol: So many ifs that round. I have won my mini league 4 times an the last 6 seasons so it won’t hurt that much, but like you said miracles can happen :fingerscrossed:
          Alli to Cout sounds a good idea :thumbup:

  5. The last gw…who is the best punt?
    The new unsung hero??….
    Everyone consider coutinho…
    He could get point…but ussualy not the best player at that gw…last gw(37) kane smash lei n no one predicted…
    Lets see the full of game :

    Click to enlarge image

    • @masterdeds
      OK, I mentioned this before. The last rounds are full of surprises. Usually the home teams are the winners. Last season we had 35 goals with 29 for the home teams and just 9 for the away ones.Seven home wins and the rest three draws.

      • @IvanTheTerrible
        Gk:…my consideration is heaton.
        Fabiansky ….but mignolet.loris.or forster is a good punt too

        Matip/lovren…never realise that they get cs 3 in row…alonso or maybe john terry…(he could take pk)
        Ben davies…(never to late to have him) or punt on trippier??
        Last will be swansea/soton player my recomendation is yoshi or mawson/fernandez.

        What do you think guys??

        • @masterdeds
          I have Heaton and Caballero and still to decide who will play.
          Terry will definitely play, it will be his last game in EPL and I can see him scoring against Sunderland. I am keeping Stephens with a hope for another CS.

        • @IvanTheTerrible i sell heaton for cech…n its pay off matey. Willy is not good as we think. Mignolet has better form with the same price..never realized that…n you know the city defence…their defender has better chance to score but still conceded..
          I allready win my ML in classic n H2H (the same team)…
          If just fun heaton is my choice. But if try to avoid hits then willy…as i think ars will lose their cs.
          N stephen??…i have him too if cecares not play he potensial cs too..even yoshi is the safe ones

  6. Hi all. Im in the lead by 29 points going into the final battle of my works mini league.
    3rd place is 118 behind thanks to Kane & Sanchez.
    The problem & my worry is the lad sat 29 points behind me in 2nd place
    he has already done his FT, & looking at his team value and the money left in his bank he’s taken McAuley out for Matip plus i have no idea who he is going to captain
    I myself have only one FT. i was looking at taking Gabbi out for Llorente and taking a -4 point hit for McAuley to Yoshida. I’m only allowed one player from each team.
    am i thinking on the right lines or should i go for a total block move and bring Vardy in as well.? or take another hit & get rid of Hazard for Fabregas.
    mine and his team are below

    My team
    Jakupovic, Pickford

    Jagielka, McAuley, Fuchs,Chambers, Britos

    Herrera, Sánchez,Hazard, Coutinho, King

    Gabbiadini, Kane, Jesus

    His team
    Jakupovic, Pickford

    Smith, Matip, Cathcart, Ward, Yoshida

    Sigurdsson, Sánchez, Herrera, Hazard, de Roon

    Vardy, Jesus, Kane

  7. Hi!
    Caballero (pickford)
    Alonso Stephens monreal (ake holgate)
    Eriksen alli hasard sanchez (albrigthon)
    Kane Jesus gabbi
    2 ft, 0.1 in bank

    Is it totalt insane going Liverpool mania for a -4 hit:
    1. Alli to lallana
    2. Hazard to coutino
    3. Gabbi to sturridge

    Or just do 2 transfers?

    13p behind leader in mini league who doesnt have lfc coverage.

    • @jenkins i think your leader consider pool cover too..n quest…he buy coutinho too…
      Alli/erik should go…i’ll keep erik he rested.
      Since you are chasing try a diferential that he dont own or to buy.. stu is a good punt even we know…cou is the best liverpool player

        • @Kralin
          The question is will he even start?? And if he does start, will he play even 70 mins??? Firmino seems to be getting back.

        • @Kralin
          I’m chasing by 10. I still have costa and was thinking about ditching him for sturridge. I’ve already used my ft for coutinho. What do you think?

        • @Bryte1 risky but it could work, though you’d then be chasing 14 points. Worth a punt if you feel puntish but Costa could net this weekend so I’d sleep on that one.

        • @Kralin exactly my point. Costa seems to be a differential right now and any points he gives will be so great for me seeing I’m the only one who have him. The problem is will he START??? I have a feeling he will because he was rested the entire boro game.

        • @Bryte1 hopefully yes. Trying to guess who will start for Chelsea this weekend is like entering a wilderness of mirrors.

  8. What to do, what to do?
    I have a slim 11pts lead in my minileague. My rival has Sanchez and KDB. Should I take a hit to bring in Sanchez for Haz to try and cover his players? Or do I bring Couthino back even though I stupidly took a hit to get rid of him last week? :question:

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Goldilocks i prefer stephen over monreal.
      Hazard to sanchez yes for blocking strategy. N upgrade xhaka…fab or i have a feeling about pedro…or the safe one king from bou…
      Other my consideration see at 90.

  9. Hi All,
    The screen capture reflects my current team and the team on the leader of my mini league, we share 5 common starters and I have one FT and need to make up 22 points. I was considering the following:
    KDB/Gabbi < Coutinho/Llorente or Giroud for -4
    KDB < Siggy – for no hits
    Jesus/Gabbi < Costa/Barnes or Crouch for -4
    Gabbi < Llorente – for no hits
    Captain will have to be Kane, which I figure he will do also, hence I need to make up 22 point any way, any how – thoughts? It has been a wild season and hopefully the ending will be so also.

    Thanks in advance.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Razzy Boy I wouldn’t ditch KDB. Nor Jesus. Llorente for Gabs, play a 3-4-3 and hope that Sanchez does the business. Actually Origi for Gabs is probably more sensible unless you can afford Sturridge. If you’re chasing your captain will be decisive so why not captain Sanchez?

      • @Kralin Fear, Kane did the business and I think I heard him say he was up for another 4 goals vs. Hull, whereas I think Sanchez et al. will find stiffer competition with Everton. I have .2 ITB so Studge is out, but I think Origi is worth consideration along side Llorente. Any thoughts on starting defenders?

        • @Razzy Boy Sanchez yes I agree and I hope he does fire blanks as it may get me into the top 10K. However you have to take a risk or two to catch up and Sanchez may be that risk. I appreciate Kane is in full superdude mode at the moment but they haven’t had much of a breather inbetween games.

  10. Does anyone think that Benteke is a good shout seeing as he’s gonna be facing a pretty depleted Man U team?
    Only problem is that I’ve also got Zaha and not sure if double Palace is a good idea!

    • @Charlie Dance You know what, I was thinking earlier that could be the one that gets away from us this week. The potential thrashing CP could and possibly will mete out. I think as far as punts go it’s not a bad one. Question is how much will CP be up for it? That’s my only caveat. If I had Benteke or Zaha I think I would definitely play them.

      • @Kralin That is the big question. I’m hoping they’ll see it as a big scalp and go all out. I’d 100% do it if Townsend and Cabaye were playing but they’re both out.

        I’m trying to find differentials to beat the leader in one of my MLs, which is tough as he has alot of the popular choices and is in the top 17k.
        I want replacements for Hazard and either Pedro or Gabbiadini. Coutinho and Benteke are leading the way so far, but I’m also umming and ahhing about Sturridge, Wijnaldem, Origi, Llorente, Siggy and Stanislas and to a lesser extent Son and Fabregas due to possible rotation. I would’ve brought King in but he already has him.

        • @Charlie Dance Depends on how big the gap is. I don’t think I’d captain one of the CP players so Sturridge is worth a punt as he could come in and be made captain of your side. But remember that differentials sometimes aren’t the Holy Grail. It could come off but you have to be philosophical about it.

        • @Kralin 58 points!!! Realistically I know it’s not possible but I live in hope (and utter delusion). I’ve also got a 20 point lead in another ML to protect. And I’m lucky that I’ve got a 175 point lead in my main ML. Actually reading that back I should probably just try and protect that 20 point lead and laugh the other one off!

        • @Charlie Dance 58 points may well be out of reach, though I admire your delusional never say die attitude. However protecting the 20 point lead is probably the wiser course of action.

        • @Kralin Total delusion mixed with a bit of frustration and anger too! I was leading him for ages and then had a run of bad luck and he had the spawniest/flukiest bunch of decisions that went his way for about 6/7 occasions – i.e his 2nd or 3rd choice bench players were subbed in and they’d earned CS or scored/assisted. 20 point lead protection plan it is then!

      • @Kralin Read on Twitter that if Palace wins, they will get something like 19.5m whereas if they lose, then 9.5m only. So a win is worth 10m for them…

        • @Zaid Unless the youth team line is a JM bluff, which I doubt given the game they have on Wednesday, then CP start the game as strong favourites. Getting Benteke in is the stuff of punt legends – but for anyone with a big lead and a certain Southampton striker in their team – it may be tempting.

          I didn’t know about the 10 million angle.

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