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Here to help. Post your team and get good constructive feedback on your selections. We will share our thoughts and concerns to help each other build better teams and hopefully win our respective mini-leagues.

How does it work?

Tell us your first 11, bench, cash in the bank and captain as we’ll take a look. We might tell you there is too much money sitting in the bank. We might question if you have the right striker or goalkeeper. We will point out obvious errors like it is rarely a good idea to have a defender as captain. For sure you will be told about the absence of a ‘star’ player and the captain de-jour.

Option 1: Post your team using the Rate My Team Adviser’s algorithm

The most advanced RMT Adviser on the market today is now in “Release 7 Beta”, meaning it has been updated with the latest functionality to help managers for the full season. Based on published research, and capable of machine learning, our Automated Adviser is a powerful analytics tool. Our Points Prediction engine takes into account new signings, formation changes, manager changes, and many other factors.

However, Fantasy Football First’s uniqueness is that as well as the excellent analytics engine, we have excellent FPL managers who’s opinion you can canvas. Data and experts – a powerful winning combination. Check if your team is ready and import your FPL team. Enter your FPL Team Code and import your team direct from the FPL site!

Option 2: Write your team in a comment

Post the players you select in the formation you want to play them, and separately list your subs., transfers and remaining cash in the bank. For example:

Please rate my team:

Baines, Gibson, Azpi
Sigy, Sanchez, Wanyama, Fletcher
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Lloris, Chadli, Morgan and Silva.

Captain: Sanchez and Vice is Defoe.
Money in the bank: £1.5m
Transfers Lloris -> Robles so I have cash to upgrade Wanyama next week

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Linking your team means anyone can click on your profile image and see your team. This helps because the reviewer can see your transfer history and get a sense of your overall strategy. After all, we don’t want to suggest a player you have just sold.

To link your team

1. get the url of your team from fantasy.premierleague.com. To do this open the game and click on POINTS. In the “Game Week Points” section you will see “View Gameweek history”. Open the Gameweek history page. Copy this URL.

2. Click “Profile” in the footer of the site. This will open your profile page.

The website field is in yellow on the image above.

3. copy the url into the Website field on your profile page and save.

Can YOU help someone?

You’re more than welcome to join the fun. Helping each other out is what this site is all about. The sharing, the arguing and yes the gloating is all part of the fun. Its not all stats, stats, stats. Just give constructive feedback on the team and your view on the points it will earn, and you are all set.

Keep popping back

As the season progresses we’ll provide all sorts of articles, stats and tables to help everyone to maximise their points potential. We’re also posting updates on who is playing well or playing out of position in the weekly game reviews, thereby giving us all the latest information. The first set of tables are out and will be updated on Thursday. So keep popping back to see the latest player information.

We look forward to reading your teams


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779 thoughts on “Help My Team for game week 38

  1. @ChorleyRocks @OldGoat @SecretZorro @Kumast @masterdeds
    My team 0FT 2.2ITB(108k overall)

    Am i gtg.Hoping to get into the top 100k.Any other transfers needed.Concerns are Costa,Alonso and JWP.Any suitable combo for Costa and JWP?

    • @fantasy foxes If Alonso doesn’t play then Stephens is a fine sub. I would bring in KDB for Eriksen. I would say Man City have more to play for than Spurs.

      However the others may see it differently.

      • @Kralin
        But i already have 3 man city players.What do u think of Costa+JWP+Caballero to KDB+Origi+Mignolet for -12 hit?Thoughts

        • @fantasy foxes Have a look at The Gargatron to see how far you are from 100K : https://www.gargatron.com/

          Going -12 will probably put the top 100k out of reach?

          Forget the KDB punt if you have three City players. Doesn’t seem much point in swapping goalies this late in the day. I would keep Costa.

        • @Kralin
          I am 5 points behind top 100k and 50 points behind 50k.So any ideas on what should i do?

        • @fantasy foxes I think your team is pretty well set up for this week. If you take loads of hits the top 100 may slip out of reach. I know Can plays further back than others but Liverpool will probbaly have an absurd amount of possession tomorrow so you could bring him in for JWP.

          Costa and Jesus are very sound forwards and Vardy may perform as Leicester may want to make amends for their feeble showing the other night.

    • @ChorleyRocks Good morning. I hear Chorley is a key marginal in the forthcoming election. Many posters up in windows?

      An interesting strand has developed, in that is punting on the likes of Benteke a good idea? Up against a very weakened Man U with a 10 million bonus at stake. Sounds like a good punt for those jaded by hearing ‘Man City have got more to play for than Spurs’ written about 500 times (by me).

      • @Kralin “Chorley is a key marginal in the forthcoming election. Many posters up in windows?”

        No. The incumbent here is truly embedded. Regardless if if you agree with his policies, the vote here is too strong to remove him.

        Personally, I think Liverpool are looking over their shoulder, so this weekend (for me) is all about the battle for 4th place. I’m probably buying Sturridge today.

        • @ChorleyRocks yes, Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal players are where it’s at, this weekend, as they really have something to to play for. I think however that Everton will give Arsenal a good game (and that isn’t just wishful thinking). I’m thinking surely Middlesbrough won’t park the bus and even if they do park the bus they won’t be parking it with quite the intensity of a normal week, if you see what I mean. Their concentration etc may not be as sharp.

          Chelsea and Spurs ok for this weekend but not quite as hot.

          The Benteke punt is more for clear leaders I would say, like choosing Llorente. Just a nice replacement if you’re looking to get rid of Gbs.

        • @Kralin I’m not sure Everton will give a good game. Surely the fans would rather lose to stop Liverpool attaining a Champions League spot?

        • @ChorleyRocks Dunno. Any Everton fans out there who can give a view?

          My feeling is, like City and Liverpool, Arsenal will have to keep attacking tomorrow. Everton are good enough to exploit this and counter themselves and have one of the league’s best forwards. Just idle thoughts. It’ll probably be 3-0 to Arsenal. Or will it? All intriguing stuff.

    • @ChorleyRocks morning CR!

      I’m 2 points behind 2nd place in my ML … 49 behind leader … So I’m playing for 2nd!

      Think I’m going to get Coutinho in … But not sure who to take out … Either Haz or Alli. I know Haz my be rested but they’ll be lifting the cup so I’m sure he’ll feature at some point.

      Then a points hit to get maybe Llorente in for Gab.


      Thanks CC

      Click to enlarge image

  2. After tie-in on points pre spurs match, Harry has kindly given me a 30pt lead going in to the final game week. Hoping opponent gets trigger happy so i can do the following.

    Hazzard >> Coutinho
    Özil >>Sánchez (match opponent)
    Holgate >> Aké

    Tempted on Costa >> Sturridge but would leave me no Chelsea against Sunderland.

    Opponents Team with 0.0 in the bank

    Cech – Caballero
    van Aanholt – Cahill – Koscielny – Valencia – Gibson
    Hazard – Sánchez (C) – Alli – Zaha – Redmond
    Rashford – Gabbiadini – Negredo

    Click to enlarge image

  3. Well dgw was a blast getting 151 points and moving to the top of my ML by 30 points. Thanks to everyone on this site and especially those who advised on my team personally. Asking one last time this season AoA to play and 1m ITB. I’m thinking of transferring Gabb for Bentke as my nearest rival has him. Any other suggestions. 1FT available

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Sir Tinkerman I have a feeling Firmino is injured, so A.

      “Liverpool 18.5.17
      Firmino doubtful
      Roberto Firmino is a doubt for Liverpool’s final day clash with Middlesbrough. Firmino missed the 4-0 win over West Ham after picking up a knock against Southampton. The former Hoffenheim frontman will continue to have treatment in the hope that he can play some part in the game against relegated Boro. If Firmino doesn’t make it then Klopp is likely to keep faith with the same line up which emphatically swept the Hammers aside. Liverpool must beat Middlesbrough to guarantee themselves a top-four finish.

  4. *Lloris a doubt for Spurs, Trippier back in full training, Walker to be assessed.
    *Puel confirms that Gabbiadini will remain Southampton’s first-choice penalty taker despite midweek miss.

  5. Morning guys!

    Had a comfortable league lead prior to spurs game now sitting 5 points behind since leader captained Kane. I have a BB to play but need help with building that bench!

    Any suggestions!? 1ft and 0 itb.

    Gabbiadini was useless but do i take an 8 point hit now to drop him?

    Click to enlarge image

  6. So this is my WILDCARD team. Picked terry over Alonso as Ivan suggested he might take a pen in case they get one :fingerscrossed: . Anything else anyone can think of doing with this team? Good to go? Have 1.8 ITB .

    Click to enlarge image

    • @masterdeds my curent team
      This is my consideration
      Gk : play willy or buy heaton/fabiansky
      Defender: tempting to bring JT. Matip.
      Or fernandez/mawson.
      Fw: vokes or the lost boy kun aguerooo
      N maybe mr giroud.

      Click to enlarge image

      • @masterdeds
        I am 5 points behind.Currently at 2087 points.Hopefully we both reach top 100k

      • @masterdeds Play Caballero for me. JT is a risky pick I wouldn’t, Alonso should play and Southampton/Arsenal defenders should cover you OK. Haz-Coutinho or Costa to Sturridge for me. I’d say Costa will play but everyone is dropping Haz and Sturridge is a great differential, and Stanislas will come on if Haz doesn’t play so I’d be tempted to do Costa-Sturridge if you want a risk.

        • @Jamo97 anyone get cou…so it a must have to break 100k…JT is depend on conte.but i think he will play…but if as starter or noy lets wait after mgr conference…n have a feeling he will get a goal…or maybe a giving goal??…
          Ars will concede i think…so matip/clyne is more potensial cs than soton. N costa…hmm no one think about kun??maybe he and costa play for last epl…

  7. I already made transfer for Cotinho
    Advice :
    Costa for Sturrage for – 4 pts
    Or Costa for Kane and Alli for Son for -8

    5 pts behind for now

    P.s. captain advice ?

    Click to enlarge image

    • @jackthejackal Wouldn’t for a minus 4, I’d expect him to play. Jesus for me out of them, Pep loves him so less rotation risk.

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