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Rate my Fantasy Premier League team for game week 16

Here to help. Post your team and get good constructive feedback on your selections. We will share our thoughts and concerns to help each other build better teams and hopefully win our respective mini-leagues.

How does it work?

Tell us your first 11, bench, cash in the bank and captain as we’ll take a look. We might tell you there is too much money sitting in the bank. We might question if you have the right striker or goalkeeper. We will point out obvious errors like it is rarely a good idea to have a defender as captain. For sure you will be told about the absence of a ‘star’ player and the captain de-jour.

Option 1: Post your team using the Rate My Team Adviser’s algorithm

Based on published research, and capable of machine learning, our powerful Automated Adviser is a proven FPL analytics tool. Our Points Prediction engine takes into account new signings, formation changes, manager changes, and many other factors.

However, Fantasy Football First’s uniqueness is that as well as the excellent analytics engine, we have experienced FPL managers who’s opinion you can canvas. Data and experts – a powerful winning combination. Check if your team is ready and import your FPL team. Enter your FPL Team Code and import your team direct from the FPL site!

Option 2: Write your team in a comment

Post the players you select in the formation you want to play them, and separately list your subs., transfers and remaining cash in the bank. For example:

Please rate my team:

Stones, Bailly, Mee
Alli, Willian, David Silva, Carroll
Lukaku, Benteke, Jesus
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Elliot, Evans, Stephens and Iwobi.

Captain: Lukaku and Vice is Jesus.
Money in the bank: £0.2m
Planned transfers: Willian -> Phillips so I have cash to upgrade Jesus to Kane next week

Link your team

Linking your team means anyone can click on your profile image and see your team. This helps because the reviewer can see your transfer history and get a sense of your overall strategy. After all, we don’t want to suggest a player you have just sold.

To link your team

1. get the url of your team from fantasy.premierleague.com. To do this open the game and click on POINTS. In the “Game Week Points” section you will see “View Gameweek history”. Open the Gameweek history page. Copy this URL.

2. Click “Profile” in the footer of the site. This will open your profile page.

The website field is in yellow on the image above.

3. copy the url into the Website field on your profile page and save.

Can YOU help someone?

You’re more than welcome to join the fun. Helping each other out is what this site is all about. The sharing, the arguing and yes the gloating is all part of the fun. Its not all stats, stats, stats. Just give constructive feedback on the team and your view on the points it will earn, and you are all set.

Keep popping back

As the season progresses we’ll provide all sorts of articles, stats and tables to help everyone to maximise their points potential. We’re also posting updates on who is playing well or playing out of position in the weekly game reviews, thereby giving us all the latest information. The first set of tables are out and will be updated on Thursday. So keep popping back to see the latest player information.

We look forward to reading your teams


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602 thoughts on “Rate my Fantasy Premier League team for game week 16

  1. This is my team(2 FT)(0.6 ITB).Thinking of doing Sane+Zaha out for Ramsey and Coutinho.I feel that Sane is playing much more wide and is 1 yellow card away from a suspension in which if he gets this week he will miss the swansea match and after that is spurs.I also wanted to avoid the man city rotation.Zaha also will most probably be playing wide with Benteke up top.Then in gw 17,Wilson and Francis out DCL and Kiko in.And if Mustafi is out for a long time then i can upgrade him to Otamendi.Any suggestions on my transfers

    Click to enlarge image

  2. This is my team(2 FT)(0.6 ITB).Thinking of doing Sane+Zaha out for Ramsey and Coutinho.I feel that Sane is playing much more wide and is 1 yellow card away from a suspension in which if he gets this week he will miss the swansea match and after that is spurs.I also wanted to avoid the man city rotation.Zaha also will most probably be playing wide with Benteke up top.Then in gw 17,Wilson and Francis out DCL and Kiko in.And if Mustafi is out for a long time then i can upgrade him to Otamendi.Any suggestions on my transfers?

    Click to enlarge image

  3. By the way, in case that you’ve missed it, do go hit frenzy this week.

    The FPL Cup begins.

    Info from the website:


    The top 4,194,304 scorers in Gameweek 16 will enter the first round. If there are more than 4,194,304 qualifiers then there will be a random draw amongst the lowest scorers to see who qualifies.

    How the cup works

    Each qualifying team will be randomly drawn against another in the first round. The winner (the team with the highest Gameweek score minus any transfer points), will progress to the second round and another random draw, the losers are out! This process continues until the final round when the two remaining teams contest the cup final.

    If a cup match is drawn, then the following tie-breaks will be applied until a winner is found:

    Most goals scored in the Gameweek
    Fewest goals conceded in the Gameweek
    Virtual coin toss
    FPL Cup Winner 2017/18

    VIP hospitality at one Premier League 2018/19 match of the winner’s choice including travel and 2 nights’ accommodation (B&B basis)
    Copy of FIFA and games console
    Tablet computer
    Bluetooth speaker
    Nike manager jacket
    FPL goody bag (rucksack, t-shirt, mug, water bottle, stress ball, pen/pad, key ring)

  4. Please RMT! 1FT, .1 ITB – thanks in advance!

    Maguire Ward Azpilicueta
    Sterling Salah Silva Richarlison Groß
    Kane Morata

    Bench: Pickford Niasse Duffy Jones

  5. Speroni
    Azpi, Mee, Moreno
    Richarlison, Salah, Loftus-Cheek, Hazard
    Abraham, Kane, Morata
    Subs: Elliot, Naughton, Otamendi, Fernandinho

    Capt: Hazard Vice: Salah

    £1.8m ITB
    1x FT
    My intention is to replace KdB with Hazard so I can triple up on Chelski against West Ham. Hazard is playing really well at the moment and sense he could score a couple, or assists.
    Is it also worth taking a hit to replace either Speroni or Elliot

    • @hammerfan wait for injury news on keeper, im in the same boat, if Hennessy is back im ditching Elliot for him, otherwise may roll it or use to move Niasse to DCL. I wouldn’t take a hit for the keeper, just make a change next week if necessary.

      • @TLF I am hoping Hennessey is still injured so i at least have a goalie playing.
        I agree. Not worth losing 4 points for the sake of a goalkeeper.
        Especially when there are midweek games etc
        Its annoying also as I think Hazard is a good option this weekend, but means ditching KdB, Then again, midweek City have Swansea. Always the way!!
        Dont want to ditch Hazard or Salah, so will maybe have to make do with Ota and Fernandinho.
        Would you captain hazard this weekend, vice Salah?

        • @NomdeGuerre Well, Kane is leading the polls… but I don’t 100% trust them.
          Plus Kane isn’t really scoring on all cylinders.
          Hazard on the other hand, scores and assists.
          Wait a minute, think I might have answered my own question..lol
          Then again, Liverpool have a resurgent Everton…..ok, maybe back to the drawing board!

        • @hammerfan as the days have passed this week I’m feeling strangely drawn to ( whisper it quietly ) Kane :redface:

          I think I’m cracking up
          Read on twitter this morning
          And I quote

          It’s often said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result :redface:

          It’s me :rofl:

          Kane is driving me insane :shocked:

  6. Current team and thinking of using my WC.

    1. Could bring Kane back in for Sanchez ahead of dgw if it doesnt work out.
    2. Murray over DCL? Would be able to swap rangel if i went DCL but Murray looks the better option for rotation with RLC
    3. Dont WC? 1 Ft vardy->firminho or daniels-> ?

    Current rank 176k dropped from 67k last week. Any input helps thanks!

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Antotell

      Both teams are good, with the exception of Rangel.
      Not sure Speroni will keep his place when Hennessey is fit in the WC team though.

      If you WC, then Murray to Calvert-Lewin and Rangel to Dunk to get you an extra playing defender. It is advisable to have a full squad for the bust festive fixtures as there will be rotations in the GW’s ahead

    • @Antotell I much prefer your current team if I’m honest.

      Do you have any spare cash to upgrade Rangel? If not, I would roll the FT and then next week swap Daniels + Rangel to Kenny + WAT defender.

    • @Antotell Welcome to the site mate. As I’ve told you, it doesn’t get better than here.
      Seeing the post, to be frank, I prefer your current team as well. Why don’t you prolong it a little bit more? You can even roll this week! Next week sort Daniels/Rangel. Kenny/Mariappa/Zee/Kiko F/Holgate many options.

      I would say definitely keep the WC. If you’re dying to get Sanchez consider downgrading Kane to CL but that would be an fpl suicide, a typical course of action by a Gooner :lol:

  7. Hello everyone.
    im new to this site, and to fpl too. (my first season)
    I need help picking my starting this week (DDG, kane, morata, hazard, sallah, kolasinoc will definitely start)
    the rest, im not sure.


    Click to enlarge image

    • @ZeroFortune Agree with Sergio, this looks pretty good as it is.
      I would normally advocate BUR defence when they’re playing at home, but you have Richarlison so I understand why you don’t want to field Ward against him. But don’t be surprised if BUR get a clean sheet, as their home form this season has been very good. Saying that, WAT have been scoring quite freely, so who knows how that game will pan out :idunno:
      Captain Kane is a bold choice, especially after he let us all down last week. I hope that works out for you (I may even do that myself).
      Good luck!

      • @Chipster thank you for the warm welcome. :)
        it is exactly u said, the reason of picking richarlison over ward.
        I surely hope it won;t end goaless.

        as for capt, i havent made up my mind yet,
        but seeing hazard, morata and salah all feature in midweek, and only kane is fully rested. i decided for now it will be kane.

      • @Chipster I don’t think I’ve got the nerve to captain Kane this week (Hazard, probably, for me). However I suspect rotation will play a big part next week, from which Kane I hope will be safe, so I’m likely to captain him against Brighton.

    • @jackthejackal it will. Liverpool are in very good form at the moment. There will be rotation, especially in GW 17, but I’m sure you will be fine.

    • @jackthejackal I did the exact same move in my B team on Sunday evening. I think a lot of people will be following suit. Hopefully it will work out for us all :fingerscrossed:

      • @Chipster it seems i reallly need to create second fpl account. :lol:

        also, now that i read many advised against captaining kane, im worried my decision will backfire and cost me the cup qualification.

        • @ZeroFortune The correct captain choice can make or break a GW. It’s a risk every week really, and a lot of it comes down to luck in the end.

          Good luck with whatever you decide.

        • @ZeroFortune in theory Kane is a fine captain choice this weekend. If you want to go for it, go for it (or just hedge your bets and make him your VC).

          I’m going for Hazard.

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