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The Rate My Team Adviser to help your Fantasy Football team

The Rate My Team Adviser is a tool that analyses your FPL Squad using advanced algorithms to help you determine the best transfers to earn the most points in the coming weeks.


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How The Rate My Team Adviser Works

Our Fantasy Football Computer calculates the likely number of Fantasy Football points each player will earn by simulating every event in every game many thousands of times. This includes simulating

  • player’s time on the pitch,
  • their expected number of goals and assists,
  • clean sheets, own goals and goals conceded,
  • the opponents strength and game style (attacking vs defensive strategies)
  • the opponents temperament and how well they fit into the system of play
  • chance of injuries, suspensions and international absence

Using this data, we produce a statistically perfect team for each game week. We compare your team to the perfect team to give you an indication of how much work you need to do to improve your team for the coming weeks.

It is very easy to use.

  1. Import your FPL team, or build a new team.
  2. Confirm your formation, captain and vice captain
  3. Click the “Rate My Team”.

We’ll then show you a rating of your team.

Rate My Team Result

You can then go back and change your players to check if transfers are likely to be productive, or if simply changing formation or captain makes a difference. It is great for testing different transfers to see if they will improve your team, and we give you a larger bank balance than on Fantasy Premier League so you can experiment with players that might be slightly out of budget today but might to fall in price over the game week.

For example, my rating with Mannone in net is

but if I swap Mannone for Howard of Everton my rating changes to :

which suggests Mannone -> Howard could be a good transfer for over the coming weeks.

We will also show you the rating of the team with the highest overall rating, and also the highest rated team for each game week, so you can compare your team to other the other teams that have been rated and pick up transfer (or wildcard) ideas.

Compare teams

You can also look at your team rating, then make a copy of your team, change some players and see how your rating compares to your original team. You can import your competitor teams to see how your team stacks up against their team, and the tool will highlight in red when their rating is higher than your rating!
Compare Teams with the Rate My Team Adviser
To create a duplicate team, choose “Create duplicate team” on the “COMPARE ONE OF MY TEAMS” option on the rating page.

Wildcard active, transfers made, free transfers and cash in the bank

Its not all about the stats. Even though we know our model is one of the most advanced in the world, you cannot beat the judgement of experienced FPL managers. So once you have your rating and feel you have the best team for your transfers, just click “ASK FOR HELP” and your team is automatically posted into the latest Help My Team article for feedback from our fellow managers.

You can post a comment with your team rating

You can post a comment with your team rating

When you click “ASK FOR HELP”, we look up how much cash you have in the bank, how many transfers you have made (and how many free transfers are available) and if your Wildcard is active, and then post this in the help message. This will get the advice you need quicker. For example,

Please help my team
£0.0m the bank, 0 transfer made from 1FT, Wildcard available.

If you already have a team saved in the RMT Adviser, then you will need to re-import your team.

What’s more, your team is saved so that when you come back you do not need to reload your squad. And best of all you can save more than one team, so you can check out the likely transfers of your Head To Head opponents.

This integration of people and statistics makes Fantasy Football First’s Rate My Team tool one of the most powerful on the internet.

We will continue to improve our site in the coming weeks, so be sure to let us know what you think of our changes, and please also let us know your suggestions and improvements.

Thank you

The model is based on “Competing with Humans at Fantasy Football: Team Formation in Large Partially-Observable Domains.” by Matthews, Tim, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn, and Georgios Chalkiadakis (AAAI 2012) and is provided with thanks to the University of Southampton.

Thank you.


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197 thoughts on “The Rate My Team Adviser to help your Fantasy Football team

  1. The main thing stopping me from pushing the button to put Hendo in my team is a comment I saw earlier which Suggested Ivan may transfer him in. https://cdn4.fantasyfootballfirst.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/lmao.gif

  2. de gea (krul)
    cahill jagielka clyne (dummett,wilson)
    di maria fabregas silva siggy sterling
    costa ulloa (naismih)

    Option 1) No changes
    Option2) costa—>aguero
    di maria—>tadic
    de gea—->lloris 8pt hit

    Option3) Ulloa—>aguero
    di maria—>cork
    de gea—–>guzan 8pt hit

  3. hey,
    could you help me
    who to bench from moreno wisdom chambers
    also what is best bench order?
    thanks in advance

    Click to enlarge image

    • @charmed put Moreno last, or sell him better! Costa won’t play imo, so Boyd to the rescue??? lol

        • @charmed I would suggest don’t wildcard now ! You might need to adjust your team when Mr Costa is back next week and you want to keep Aguero as well !

    • @Batchy-7 Berahino and Sahko make great budget buys, and Pelle is one for the season based on form-to-date. Addin Welbeck and you have the four best sub-8m options out there IMO.

    • @underdarx sorry, I missed this.

      I don’t think I’d change anything, unless you want to lose money on Sigy because of 3 hard games.

  4. Hi guys can you help me with any transfers for this coming GW?

    2FT, 0.0 in the bank, looking to play my wildcard possibly?

    Click to enlarge image

    • @TomAnglesey double Toon defence is a risk, but you have the two best Toon defenders in FPL terms. I think Sigy is worth keeping in the next three hard games because Bony has stepped up. The only other suggestion would be to bring in Lloris.

    • @Dmeaney Any FTs? Bank?

      For FTs – Taylor (for Chambers or similar) and Milner (for 4.5) out would be my first priorities. Then Ulloa. (assuming you’re playing the willy wonty Costa game)

      • @SK ive 2.6 in the bank with only 1 free transfer but would be willing to make a hit if its guaranteed to work out

    • @Dmeaney You dont need to do anything sir! Bench Taylor and start Milner, all set to rock! ;)

      Wisdom/Wilson is toughie though 😐

      • @Zaid Really? i thought id be somewhat weak with Milner and too much money spent in the backs and the goalkeepers aren’t having the best of form

        • @Dmeaney Milner will start this week and he does have potential to explode considering his last few weeks performances.

          Too much spent in defense? Dont think so :) Mannone has to go. Adrian has good rotation with Krul… Baines and Clyne will be fine for next 3 weeks and other 3 looks like proper rotation, if you want to change, Wilson to Chambers will give you another solid option :thumbup:

          P.S. Downing could be nice replacement for Milner for upcoming gameweeks…

  5. In a pickle. Used my FT early this week and now Silva is injured. 4ph for Silva to sanchez? Or welbeck to Costa? Or WC? 6.9m in the bank.

    Click to enlarge image

  6. Can you guys help me? I have $4.1 M in the bank, 1 transfer available, no wildcard. Help appreciated.

    Click to enlarge image

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