Talking Points for game week 1

The good (or bad) news is it the Fantasy Football transfers are now closed. You now cannot change your captain, formation or transfer any more players in for game week 1. So relax. Chill. Ring your mates and shout “Whhattttttsssss uppppppggggg”.

So we watch the football action unfold and we shout out as our fantasy teams do or don’t perform, why not hangout with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Continue reading

Fantasy Football World Cup Preview, Group D – Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

Fantasy Football World Cup Preview analyses the Fantasy Football Prospects of all the teams in Group D. From tactical and statistical reviews of these teams, we make recommendations and tips for the McDonald’s World Cup Fantasy Football game.

Group D truly stands for the Group of Death this edition, as 3 traditional power houses of the game clash for 2 spots in the knockout stages of the competition. Costa Rica face an Alien vs Predator situation, while Uruguay, Italy and England have a realistic chance of qualifying for the knockouts with a win and a draw between the trio. Continue reading

Premiership Transfer Advice for Fantasy Premier League Managers

Fantasy Football Prospects of Burnley

As we all know, Leicester City and Burnley are already promoted to Premiership with either of QPR or Derby to join them later on. So are there any Fantasy Premier League gems awaiting for discovery?

In coming weeks, we will try to assess each promoted side and its nailed on players who has potentials to make impact in fast running life of Premiership. Our first target is Continue reading

Fantasy Football Stats

Season Stats

The latest stats are out so let’s look back on the key numbers of the season.

Team Of The Year

We always say start the season with a bench of players who regularly play, but is as cheap as possible. This usually costs around £17 million (two £4m defenders, a £4.5m goalie and a £4.5m midfielder). So if you had £83 million to spend at the start of the season, what would have been the best team? Continue reading

Talking Fantasy Football Points

Talking Points for game week 34

To commemorate and recognise the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy, all games this weekend will kick off seven minutes late as a mark of respect. A commendable gesture and I ask all fantasy football managers to please also not comment on our forum between 3:06-3:07 p.m. while we all remember in our own way. I recall on that day 25 years ago I was working in a hotel when I heard the news. One of the hotel chefs had been offered a ticket for the game only that morning but was not given the time off by the hotel manager. How lucky he was. Please take a moment to remember the fans who were not so lucky 25 years ago. Thank you.

Onto the action. A quick glance at the fixtures and there some cracking games this weekend. How will Delia be left with a sour taste in her mouth if the Canaries beat Fulham? Palace vs Villa looks to be a danger game because if Palace lose they are back in the relegation mire. Of course, the big game of the weekend is Liverpool vs Manchester City. The Premiership trophy has been presented to a Manchester team in six of the last seven seasons. A Liverpool win could see the trophy heading down the M62 (or perhaps Manchester City Council will apply to expand the M-urban area to include Liverpool?)

Join with us as we Continue reading

Can you be a Fantasy Football Champion

Fantasy Football Qualification League Round Six

This week Lukaku out scored Dzeko by a point, although over the last four weeks Dzeko has the upper hand by just one point, so ownership of one of these players is not really a differential given the quality of the managers in the league. The main differentials this week were Mata, Puncheon, Eriksen and Gerrard who all earned 15 or more points in game week 32, and most of the teams climbing the qualification tables owned two or more of these players (in my case I have three, but left Puncheon on the bench – doh!). This week there seems to be a rush to sell Gerrard. Perhaps owning him will become a differential in the coming weeks that allows you to beat a H2H rival? Continue reading

Premiership Review for game week 26 (Part 2)

The second of our game week 26 reviews we welcome D Paul back to the writing team as he checks out who are the best Fantasy Football picks from Southampton’s victory over Hull and Chelsea’s draw with West Brom. Our premiership reviews include indepth tactical and player analysis so you know why certain players are earning more Fantasy Football points than others, and who is likely to be the next big point scorer. Continue reading