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Talking Points For GW6

The Fantasy Football transfer window is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved. 


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799 thoughts on “Talking Points For GW6

        • @Terminators Or with £0.2m ITB?
          I have messed up and I don’t know what to do :(

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        • @IvanTheTerrible This is the one I have gone with.
          I am going to keen a eye on WHU GK Hart £4.5m and also WHU DEF Creswell £4.4m to see how they get one the next few games.

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        • @Terminators triple new is to much. Bary to king 4.4. N lescales for ward/mee to get other option in even gw.
          Whu could bargain at gw7 vs sea. Creswell at5.0 not 4.4 maybe you mean tomskin

        • @masterdeds I have looked at King ,I am not 100% if he will keep his place though?
          I meant Collins at WHU not Creswell.
          I know Lascelles (NEW) and having three NEW is a risk but I am unsure who else to have, BUR and HUD have tough games coming up the next few GW’s.
          I have now switch to Hart GK and DEF Naughton for Lescales.
          My worry is my LIV DEF Moreno if he is going to play, I just wish EVE Holgate was nailed on to start.
          New Team.

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        • @Terminators yup you must vonsider gw8. It could be many wc use here.n player injured after itnl break.
          Front 3 super could be kun kane morata. Or vardy. But if sanchez is fire. It could be an option vs watford. Hope he still blank.

          N i have see a diferent type srategies to get a high scored. 442. 343. 433 even 451 (with cap morata).
          Base on your team it 343 system right?

        • @masterdeds Yes I am always 3-4-3.

          I know my DEF is light.

          I have a team with Kane in but I just couldn’t get it to work I had three MID that I just worried about, I still have Matic, I can always change for some other £5m I just hope he keeps his place when Pogba comes back.

        • @Terminators the problem with kane is he is high price. 12.5. 1m could be upgrade in othervside but like kun or morata. Kane can get hattrick n 3 bonus.

          Do you have picture tracker for gw 7 to 11?

        • @Terminators i mean picture of fixture tracker…sorry.
          Luka is worth to keep. N alli is spur cover. Matic is a gamble. N mu will face tougher team.

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        • @masterdeds I know Matic is a issue, but he should play every GW and should get at least 3pts every GW I know it’s low but its a better option than Fernandinho I think, what other £5m MID is there worth getting that you can play every week, the only other I can see is WHU Kouyaté.

        • @masterdeds If Matic > Carroll I would save £0.5m but I still have to buy a MID at £5.1m that will play every week and at least have a good chance of getting a clean sheet, looking at it it’s either:
          MUN – Matic
          MCI – Fernandinho
          CHE – Kanté / Bakayoko
          SOU – Davis
          LIV – Can
          TOT – Dier
          NEW – Atsu
          WHU – Kouyaté

          There are a few options there, but I need a player that is going to start every GW (I have Barry WBA for cover as he should be nailed on) Matic, Fernandinho and Kanté are the safe options but they are DEF/MID the others are MID but have a lower chance of a CS.

        • @Terminators i mean 0.5 you could upgrade defence.if you plan 4th mid only get 2 or 3 poin.
          But if you want a 5 mid punt. It could be at your list. But its hard to predicted. N assume you dont want always take a hit every gw.

  1. Another disaster of a week with only 56 points. I’ve gone from the top 4k a few weeks ago to about 250k. I’ve 0.7m in bank. Any help please

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    • @Offalymartin 56 isn’t too bad.

      I’d keep that front 3 for next week.

      Doubling on the Swansea defence may be pushing things a bit. Mee / Ward / Tarkowski are worth a look.

      You could have a think about Choupo-Moting for Kante. He won’t perform miracles every week but may get you more points over the next few weeks.

      • @Kralin Cheers mate. Some good advice there. I was thinking of swapping Jesus-Morata after the game at the weekend as I think Jesus is a rotation risk. He was my Captain this week but had Kane vc so not to bad.
        I need to change the double Swansea at the back alright.
        Disappointing after such a great start, but the season is long :)

        • @Offalymartin yes the Jesus to Morata switch is one I’m considering myself. It never seems safe to pick a Man City attacking player yet like a moth drawn towards a flame I keep coming back.

  2. Anyone got any thoughts on the Jesus > Morata move in 124?
    Also am right in thinking Willian’s run is over and he’s expected not to start for the City game? He’s proving difficult to replace

  3. Another brilliant week for me, up to 69k overall and tied for 2nd in the FFF Premiership. Now it’s time to maintain position which is always easier said than done :lolflag:

  4. Fab/ Elliott
    Alonso/ Jones/ Kola/ Dawson /Rosenior
    Mhki/ Choupo/ Silva/ Brady/ Carroll
    Kaku/ Firmino/ Kane

    Should I get read of Firmino, who do I bring in? 0 ITB. No free transfer too. Feel like my midfield is week. Happy with my defence though

    • @Edalock

      As you have already used your FT, I would stick with what you have.
      Downgrading Firmino to ???? would put money in the bank, but you would merely be weakening the forwards to strengthen the midfield a bit – at the cost of an 8 pt hit.
      You already have Silva and Mkhitaryan, who look the best of the players in the sub 9M price bracket, so you have very little to gain

  5. Hi, 77 this week and Monreal to go. Pretty happy with that. Looking for an early transfer. I have 2 transfers and 0.3 in the bank. I was thinking ablut getting rid of alonso and upgrade my third midfielder., but i am not sure. Any ideas?

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    • @mesh plan your tranfer like- Azpi for alonso , and then recharlison / ritchie for doucoure and if you really want monreal out then get stones.

      you have a very good team. Stick with them.

  6. Hello, I’m pretty happy with 72 points this week. I need to do early transfers this week cause probably Jesus price will drop. I was think Eriksen/Jesus -> Silva/Aguero but that will leave me without Spurs cover. I’d like to hear some opinions.
    2 FT and 0.1 ITB

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  7. Another steady week with 75 points and Kolasinic and Ramsey still to play.

    I’ve got 2 FT and looking to bring in Coutinho.

    To do this it would mean downgrading Firminio to Chicarito and Upgrading Ramsey to Coutinho.

    What do think, is it worth the swap?

    • @Shrey7 I think your Newcastle – Watford rotation is great from game week 9, but really poor in the next 2 weeks. It might not be a sexy rotation, but Gomes to Schmeichel or Pickford would work well.

    • @versatile321 you have 3 United players, and after next week the fixtures are Liverpool (A), Huddersfield (A), Spurs (H) then Chelsea (A). That’s 3 away games and also 3 hard games.

      There is also the international break after GW7 to take into account, where players can return from international duty with injuries.

      My feeling is to roll the FT so that you have a spare FT in case of injuries, and then before GW8 starts, take out Lukaku for someone like Morata who plays Palace (A), Watford (H) and Bournemouth (A), or Aguero who plays Stoke (H), Burnley (H) and West Brom (A)

  8. (0 ITB)(1 FT)
    Any thoughts to improve my team?Abraham and Dunk in my bench pretty much cost me.Other than that,Kane(c) was alright.What should i do this week?

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      • @ChorleyRocks
        I am actually thinking of keeping Mahrez till gameweek 10 and then downgrading Alonso to Luiz or Lukaku to Morata to upgrade Mahrez to Mane.Would also like to assess Coutinho position after Mane returns.Might just save the FT this week.Thoughts?

        • @fantasy foxes are you benching Alonso this weekend? If so, you could downgrade Alsono to Luiz at the end of this week, and get Luiz while he is at his cheapest price.

        • @ChorleyRocks
          What do u think of Alonso,Dunk and Mahrez to Monreal, Otamendi/Danilo and Coutinho in that order each week and getting Coutinho in gw 10

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