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3 players who stood out in the second round of international fixtures.

The internationals are now done with. Fantasy Premier League managers are assessing their teams for injuries, possible fatigue and of course players who were in inspired form for their national teams and perhaps worth buying. In my previous article after the first round of international games, I advocated Chris Wood, Stephen Ward and Josh King. In this article I look at another 3 players whom you should turn your attentions to.


This week Gylfi Sigurdsson scored the opening goal for Iceland in the 40th minute then turned creator for Johan Berg Gundmundson for Iceland’s second goal, making Iceland the smallest nation ever to qualify for world cup, and Sigurdsson the new president of Iceland.

Everton have the 4th lowest number of shots on target from set piece plays so far this season and have scored no goals from set piece plays, which is not making the most of dead ball specialist Siggy.

Given Everton’s upcoming fixtures include Brighton and Watford, who have conceded 4.6 and 4.4 set piece shots per game respectively resulting in each team conceding 3 set piece goals this season, Sigurdsson could be a good bet in 3 of the next 4 games.


Hazard scored 2 goals against plucky Cyprus. Are Cyprus the Crystal Palace of world football, who have conceded a bucket load of goals this season: 9 goals in the last 2 matches against Manchester united and Manchester City. With Morata (probably) absent, Hazard could play as striker – a compelling reason to bring him in now.

Chelsea’s upcoming fixtures are also more of a motivation for you to snap up the Belgian in an early transfer, only Man Utd (H) in game week 11 and Liverpool (A) in game week 13 offering high difficulty.


With Aguero out, this Brazilian boy wonder has been the Plan B of many FPL managers, with 247,882 new owners at the time of writing, only second to the excellent Kane in terms of new ownership.

The rush was justified by his 2 goals against Chile mid-week, despite Brazil having already qualified for 2018 the World Cup and Chile being in need of the points more than Brazilian to qualify.

With Morata sidelined, Lacazette not delivering in his last match and Kane being more than £1M more expensive than Gabriel, Jesus is a viable option, perhaps a viable differential at 15.3% ownership.

My only concern is Aguero could be back this weekend.


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26 thoughts on “3 players who stood out in the second round of international fixtures.

  1. Hi gents,

    Wildcarded this week.

    PLEASE please please help me put my mind to rest. Big wager on the line!

    I own Jesus upfront BUT do I:

    A.) Sterling, Silva, Hazard with Maguire at the back

    B.) Fabregas, Silva, Hazard with Stones at the back

    c.) swap out Jesus for Lukaku and have Fabregas, Silva and Stones at the back

    Thanks in advance!

    • @ed I would keep Jesus. He may only play 30 minutes this week but could still cause havoc. And he’ll cause havoc in subsequent weeks.

      Option a is good, you’ll probably regret (as I do, having ‘carded last week) having a City defender. Option a gives you a strong mid.

      Maybe keep enough money to enable a move for Salah, possibly, in a week or two.

  2. Decisions decisions decisions, it’s that time of the week.
    Thanks for all the creative advice.
    I traded Morata for Jesus which paid off, had I made him captain I would have done better. I went with Hazard whose time is coming, I feel it.
    I have 2 FT and 300k in the bank.
    My defence is annoying me particularly Alonso and Hegazi and needs strengthening, the suspense with Jones always seemingly injured lately and not knowing whether he will start is also irritating. Defence needs a revamp.
    MIdfield is OK with KDB starting to perform and contributing even if Pep is inconsistent. With Hazard Gross and Doucoure I thinki I am covered reasonably well, would like to get rid of Jese at some stage.
    Up front Im thinking Morata for Lukaku who has been blanking lately and also owned by more than 50% of managers.
    I’d also like to get rid of Joselu for someone who gets game time and is reasonable, I have my doubts whether Tammy Abraham will start when Bony is fir
    Enough of a rant please give me your best input without taking a hit
    You were all good Old Goat Chorley Ivan RT 08 and Nomme de Geurre

    Click to enlarge image

    • @UmConteWesizwe you could ditch one of your 4.9 defenders for one of the Leicester 4.5s; and a dull, sideways move of Jese to Choupo-Moting may pay dividends.

  3. Hi All – @Kralin…this is my team as of now. Have 1FT and .4mib. Should I leave team as is or take a hit to bring Aguero or someone else in.
    I am so tired of Kane blanking at home :angry: What do you think?
    Also why did Salah’s price drop…he has great games after this week? So confused.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @bees393 evening Bees, or whatever time it is where you are. That team looks fine to me, good captain choice, Kane is a pain at home but will score this weekend, I personally guarantee it, money back if not happy, keep Salah as Liverpool’s fixtures are fine, so as you are and maybe get Kun in next week for Lukaku.

      • @Kralin – You always offer good common sense advice. Thank you. That is my feeling too, but that part of me that is never satisfied rears it’s ugly head.
        Will leave as is. It is 2pm here by my. Love that us folks are from all parts of the world!

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