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Fantasy Football First’s FPL Team for Game Week 26 2016

My team was nominated as the official Fantasy Football First team. So I’ll be explaining how and why I have picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain my reasoning behind any changes along the way. This article explains the changes I have made to my team and why.

My game week 25 team

Last week I made my transfers in anger. I sold Stanislas to buy Alli, and sold Myhill to bring in Forster for a four point hit. I commented that the Forster move could have waited and I could have saved myself the hit. No more transfers in haste!

my team

57 points and a new rule; never bench Mahrez.

A note on the blank game weeks

These are the game weeks to note:

  • Liverpool, City, Newcastle and Everton don’t play in game week 27.
  • Chelsea, City, West Brom, Watford, United, West Ham, Spurs, Palace, Arsenal, Bournemouth and Everton are still in the cup.
  • Any team needing an FA Cup 5th Round reply will have a blank game week 28. The likely candidates are the more “evenly-matched” games, for example, Chelsea v Man City or Tottenham v Crystal Palace.
  • Any team who makes the 6th round of the FA Cup will have a blank game week 30. Potentially City could miss game weeks 27, 28 and 30!

The rearranged fixtures are likely to be in game week 34.

My game week 26 team

No rush transfers this week. Instead a methodological dispassionate transfer selection.

Starting with injuries, I have none. Next I look at recent point scoring. Looking at “form” on the FPL website (choose “Pick Team” then “Data View”) my weakest links are Souare, Rudd, and Sagna.

Looking at Sagna, he is no longer a first 11 player as he can be rotated with Zabaleta, and he is a risk because he won’t play in game week 27. So he is the player I will move on.

Moreover, I have a lot “8 point pairs” this week. An “8 point pair” is when your FPL team contains a defender and a goal scorer from the opposing teams in the same fixture. It is called this because the usual result is 8 points.

Let’s say the attacker does not score and the opposing defender keeps a clean sheet. That’s…

Defender clean sheet + Attacker no goals = 6 + 2 = 8 points.

Let’s say the attacker does score so the opposing defender fails keeps a clean sheet. That’s…

Defender no clean sheet + Attacker goals = 2 + 6 = 8 points.

So they take points away from each other quicker than a global commodity market crash.

Now I know the pedants out there will say, “ah, it could be just 4 points”. I agree, it could be, but for planning our teams thinking about “8 point pairs” helps .

This week I have a lot of “8 point pairs”:

  • Simpson + Ozil
  • Lukaku + Alderweireld
  • Kane + Sagna
  • Sigurdsson + Forster

This suggests I could all suggests 32 points from 8 players. Not ideal, so I want to avoid these 8 point pairs, not make any more “8 point pairs”, field 11 players, and also remove Sagna.

I started with the game difficulty checker, using it to identify who has fixtures that rotate with Simpson, Nyom and Souare so I always have one good defender to partner with Alderweireld? The choices were Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham.

The three options I consider were selected from our tips article and from the game difficulty checker. I only need to plan to game week 30 because I plan on playing my wild card around then. Using the filter on the game difficulty checker I get…


The problem with West Ham is that they have a tough GW28 and GW29 and they have a lot of injures (logged in managers already know this), however, the GW26 and GW27 are great. The problem with United is GW27 is hard, not ideal given the four teams that don’t play. The problem with Chelsea is, erm, there isn’t one. So I swap £5.7m Sanga for £5.7m Azpilicueta.

Simple! No red mist. Just using poor form to determine who to drop, and fixtures to spot the teams with a good run of games.

So I can now play this team which has no “8 point pairs” and only 2 BGW27 players.

my team

I will choose my captian tomorrow and tweet who it is late evening @fanfootfirst.

Good luck this weekend.


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170 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First’s FPL Team for Game Week 26 2016

  1. is there any chance Nyom will play 90mnts?

    anyone know why he played only a few minutes in the past few weeks? (except last week)

  2. I have a question about transfers.
    ive used 1 of 2 saved transfers this week, I was wondering if I only used 1 of them will I then have 2 to play with for the GW27 blanks or still have 1 for next week?

    any clarity on this would be great because any possibility of having two transfers, particularly in a blank week sounds like a great strategy

  3. 1 of 2 transfers used 2.1 ITB

    cresswell cedric Ivanovic
    Ayew Payet(C) Mahrez Alli
    Aguero Kane Ighalo

    Bench: Butland Dann Alderweireld Wij

  4. Hey all, i’m going to bank my FT this week and play the below team.
    I’m unsure if i should bench Arnautovic or Giroud, thoughts?

    Click to enlarge image

  5. Hi please help, who to bench this week.

    Forster / Schmeichel

    Also captain Firminio, Payet or Aguero?

  6. Hi guys, very difficult decisions this week.
    Any advise on starting 11? And captain?
    I’m thinking about starting like this.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Greeny51 I’ll play Ighalo instead of Alli as he have more chance to score. Toss the coin for Captain. Play safe and choose Aguero or take a punt for Payet.

      • @ForsterIntoCesc nacho?
        Would you play Ighalo over alli? Problem with that is that I’m playing place defender.
        I agree tho, Ighalo will fancy his chances against a palace side playing poorly recently.
        Grrrrr what a week. I am bound to make the wrong decisions I always seem to this year so far. Lol

  7. So, @ChorleyRocks, I appreciate you’ll be pretty busy this morning so don’t worry if you don’t get to answer. I have Cech V Mahrez /Vardy, Ozil V Huth and Kun V Dier. Would you suggest I play Boruc, Ake, Johnson and Darmian to avoid the 8 pt pairings. Other views welcome, of course. Cheers. Verns.

    • @BigVern63 not busy, just hungover.

      The way I think about an 8 point pair is ‘someone other than my attacker scores so I get 4 points from the two’. It’s a glass half empty scenario but the glass half full view of ‘my defender keeps a clean sheet for 61 minutes then is subbed freeing my striker to score’ is fairly unlikely.

      So for me it’s ‘do I expect my attackers to score?’

      If the answer is yes, bench the 8 point pair defenders. If the answer is no then bench the 8 point pair attackers.

      Does this make sense? I am feeling rough so it might not. :lol:

  8. Chorley you already made 2 transfers to site team.?

    Screwed up this week originally had Vardy in & Payet (C), and took 4pt hit Vardy -> Lukaku (C) and put Payet (VC)

    Ggrrrrr Lukaku the Troll!!!!

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