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The ‘Special Edition’ Fanfeud FPL Show for game week 15

Each week we partner with the excellent Fanfeud to produce the “FPL Show” podcast. This week we have an amazing line up of sports professionals. We talk to:

  • a professional football data analyst who uses stats to find real life player transfers for football clubs;
  • a professional football coach who uses stats in player training to help improve player performance;
  • a university professor who uses stats to optimise FPL teams

all who will hopefully give you Fantasy Premier League insight that you can’t find anywhere else.

We also answer your burning questions, looking at replacements for Aguero, if you should look to United given the good run of games, and if Southampton are underrated. Lastly, we review the RMT Adviser’s algorithm team in the Elite 50 game for December.

This week’s show starred

  • Joel Becker, a professional data analyst at Analytics FC, a Football Analytics Consultancy that specialises in using data to help teams gain a competitive edge. Joel has provided football analytics to DecTech, Brentford FC, Midtjylland FC & Bristol City FC. He’s been blogging and vlogging about football for many years and you can find his work on twitter @ AnalyticsFC or @ messiseconds, and you can find his vlog on You Tube at messiseconds
  • Darian Wilken, a professional coach and tactical analyst for AmaZulu FC a professional club in South Africa. He was also the Technical Director at “Education Through Soccer”, an organisation dedicated to developing young players into professional footballers. Darian has written coaching articles for “the sideline” in the past, including on how “El Rondo” can be better used in training drills. Darian can be found on twitter @ coachdarian
  • Gopal Ramchurn, is Associate Professor at the University of Southampton. He specialises in the application of Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, especially in Smart Grids, Disaster Response and Fantasy Football. Research that Gopal and his team underwent in 2012 produced the embryonic Rate My Team machine, as used on Fantasy Football You can find Gopal @ gramchurn

Thank you all for being on the show.

Thanks also to Dave O’Grady for hosting and to Fanfeud for making it all happen.


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Site founder, first used stats to try to win his work mini-league. Now helps other managers win theirs.

30 thoughts on “The ‘Special Edition’ Fanfeud FPL Show for game week 15

    • @ChorleyRocks Really interesting thank you! I thought Gopal was the most interesting giving some background to how the BOT works, but I would have liked a few more specifics from the other two on how they use stats. Joel mentioned Arsenal are a really advanced club in terms of using stats (I wonder what they do differently to the others?) and that other clubs are using Expected Goals (xG) and chance quality. This together with Darian’s mention of Michael Caley (who I hadn’t heard of before), got me thinking about stats in a new way – How do football data analysts build xG models? Is it based only on shots? What about chances that don’t lead to a shot? How do you measure the quality of shot/chance? Does it take into account the players? – for instance does chance quality take into account a player’s strong v weak foot meaning a chance in one area of the pitch might be good for one player but not for another, or a specific example, does Hazard tend to do better with chances in certain areas of the pitch and if so do they qualify as better chances?

      As a part-time geek I would love to know more about how these stats are put together! Finally do you have any recommendations for twitter or websites that provide interesting xG models to look at?

      Thank you

  1. Fantasy Premier League Rate My Team Opti-Bot not working.Showing 0 price for current players and no data available.please help

  2. Some guff about United but it’s in The Telegraph… :idunno:
    Man Utd transfer news and rumours:
    “United given boost in hopes of signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang”
    Oh yes please, then we can bench ‘The Z’.
    “One United player who could be heading towards the exit door at Old Trafford is Anthony Martial, whose form this season has been somewhat hit and miss. Reports claim that Real Madrid (and possibly Barcelona) are keen on the youngster with Mourinho considering a swap deal involving James Rodriguez.”
    Noooo, keep him I say.
    “Ronald Koeman is prepared to offer Memphis Depay a way out of Old Trafford in the January window, and also wants to take former Everton prodigee Wayne Rooney back to Goodison Park.”
    Hell yes, I’ll drive Shrek there myself!
    “Jesse Lingard is unhappy with Manchester United’s latest contract offer, despite the club offering him double his current salary. According to the Daily Mirror, Lingard has noted the improved deal handed to Harry Kane last week which took the Spurs striker past the £100,000 per week threshold.”
    Let him clean the U21s boots until he starts scoring like Harry Kane!!!!

    • @vaskarch23

      Arsenal play Man City in GW17, then West Brom, Palace and Bournemouth over the festive period.
      Sanchez could miss one, two or all three of those games, as Arsenal should get max points (although they usually find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory)

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