Double transfer suggestions for game week 8

On the expectation of injuries while on international duty, organised managers approach game week 8 with two free transfers. So what are the choice double transfers to set up your team for the for the coming weeks? In this article we look at pairs based on your avaliable budget.

£12m to spare

If you’ve just £12m to spare, you might be looking at changing your backup defensive and midfield options. Maybe you’ve had a few stragglers on the bench in recent weeks, contributing absolutely nothing and decreasing in value (looking at you, Willian), and a double-transfer is the time to clean up.

Shaqiri £5.9m

With the exception of an immediate away trip to Man City, Shaqiri has some good fixtures ahead, and has been a solid contributor for Stoke over the last 4 GWs, with two goals and an assist. He is usually a 90 minute man, and if Stoke score, he’s probably involved. A 4th midfielder options at under £6m.

Otamendi £5.7m

The Argentinian’s value has risen £0.2m over the last few GWs, and I’d recommend getting him in now before that goes up even further. With City next up against Stoke, Burnley and West Brom, 3 shutouts look almost a dead cert. Yes, he is a yellow card magnet, but still way worth the money as a sub-£6m defender for a top club.

£15m to spare

Probably one of the most tricky decisions. 2 transfers for under £15m opens up the market to any defender, a whole box of underperforming £6-£8m Klaasen-esque midfielders, and a few solid forward options. If you’ve £15m to spare, you might be getting rid of anybody, so for this one I’ll recommend a defender, midfielder and forward. Choose 2 out of 3 at your leisure.

Azpilicueta £6.6m

A nailed on pointsman, with 4 in 5 easy games to come. The Spaniard has 4 assists to his name already this season, and looks to have replaced Alonso as Chelsea’s main marauding full back. Azpilicueta is still good value at £6.6m, but sure to rise in the next few weeks.

Sterling £7.9m

Sterling has 5 goals this year, and has started getting regular 90s for City, who as mentioned, have easy fixtures ahead. If they continue scoring for fun, Sterling is likely to be involved. However, Guardiola is a huge rotation merchant, so it’s not without risk, but the Spaniard’s a big fan of Sterling, and even when he just plays 60 minutes, still represents a big threat, and a better option than a lot of other midfielders in the tragic £6m-8m bracket.

Joselu £5.5m

Maybe you’re looking to finally replace Gabbiadini, and luckily there are a few top budget options available. Looking ahead, Joselu looks like an excellent money saver at just £5.5m. The striker only has 2 goals so far this season, but with 27 shots on target already, and 4 good fixtures ahead, he should start putting chances away.

Any 2 of those 3 options will look to bolster your squad, and also leave some money to spare.

£18m to spare

If you’ve £18m to spare you’re probably looking at improving 2 of your main attacking options. Are you one of the 5 people left who still have Ozil? Finally given up on Mahrez? Here are some solid replacements.

Vardy £8.5m

The Leicester forward seems to have rediscovered some of his form from Leicester’s title winning season, with 5 goals in 7 games. He’s a guaranteed starter, takes pens, gets bonus points, and is easily Leicester’s biggest goal threat. They also have a great run of fixtures ahead, so well worth a gamble in the midst of the current striker injury crisis.

Silva £8.5m

A toss up between Salah and Silva, but Silva’s upcoming games give him the edge. The Spaniard has been on great form this season, as part of this free scoring city side. With some great fixtures coming up, Silva is sure to improve upon his 6 assists this season. He’s also a good shout for some bonus points. A steal at £8.5m.

£21m to spare

You’ve got big money, which probably means you’re making some big changes to big players. Perhaps Morata and Aguero are heading out. In which case, there are some top class replacements.

Jesus £10.5m

If you’ve not got Kane already, it’s probably time to get Kane. But assuming you already have Kane, Jesus is the man. Although he, like Sterling, is susceptible to Guardiola’s infuriating rotation policy, City have great fixtures ahead, and Aguero may still be working out his seatbelt. Instinct tells me that if Aguero isn’t 100 percent, Guardiola will have no qualms starting Jesus instead, who is just as capable at tearing teams apart. Put your faith in Jesus.

Lacazette £10.4m

That would leave just enough left to get in the French Gunner. Arsenal have 3 easy games ahead, which is about as long as you can expect Morata to be out for. So a swap in swap out seems like a good option. Arsenal are on form, and Lacazette is their obvious target man and only real goalscorer, like Kane is for Spurs. Lacazette’s value has suffered this season, but down at £10.4m, now is a good time to capitalise. He also loves pens.

Honourable mentions

Just looking for a single cheap transfer? Or perhaps you are looking for budget make-weight? Some quick mentions go to…

  • Ward at £4.6m is a great budget option, and an absolute bonus magnet. Burnley also have some good fixtures ahead.
  • Richardson Richarlison at £6.1m has some tough fixtures ahead, but the Gunners without Koscielny and Mustafi may as well be Crystal Palace. If Watford score, it looks like Richardson will probably have something to do with it.

If Fellaini gets fit obviously ignore all this get him in, but if not, the above should sort you out for a few weeks.

Good luck.


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108 thoughts on “Double transfer suggestions for game week 8

  1. @OldGoat @IvanTheTerrible @SecretZoro
    here’s my WC team i hace 2m in the bank.Im thinking of upgrading to kolasinac to get arsenal cover but i dont know who to take out .How does the rest of the team look?
    Ddg Elliot
    Ward Maguire Davies Clark Rangel
    Hazard Fabregas Sterling Sane Carroll
    Abraham Vardy Kane(c)

    • @Benedict

      I would ditch Fabregas and get Alonso. Alonso is 0.1 dearer, but he has 11 shots and 2 goals compared to Fabregas 4 shots and 1 goal.
      With your 2M in the bank, you can easily upgrade Clark to Alonso and swap Fabregas to Ritchie (if fit).
      Would that leave enough money to upgrade Rangel to a playing defender?

  2. Opinion on my team for Gameweek 8?
    Azpilicueta, Walker, Monreal, Ward
    Brady, Coutinho, Oriol Romeu
    Lukaku, Kane (C) Rashford

    Subs:Boruc, Bertrand, Can, Capoue

    Midfield could do with a bit of strenghting in the coming weeks.

    • @SecretZorro
      A light training could mean many things. Most likely it’s a light physio to help him move around easier without a pain. I can’t see him running on the pitch for at least another two weeks.

  3. I’m playing my WC and would definitely like to have Coutinho in my team in the long run. However, with United and Spurs their next two, I’m fancying a punt for 2 weeks.

    I was thinking Mahrez/Sane/Pedro.

    What do you guys think?

    Also, why did Mahrez not play last week? Was he dropped? :O

    • @kenmag Coutinho’s price will rise like fire so wait on your gut mate. If you want him get him right now and persist with him till January transfer window only.

      Sane > Pedro > Mahrez ( stay away from mahrez ! )

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