Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for MLS GW16 2016

With Copa America over and Messi announcing his possible retirement from the Argentine National team, and EURO 2016 winding down; it’s time to again turn our attention to FMLS.

This GW both NE and NY City play twice, but is it worth stocking up on players from these 2 teams? Past data indicate that even though there is a DGW not all players play both games in MLS. This may be due to the fact that many older players from around the world come here to make a final paycheck before retiring once and for all. My personal take is that owners/managers want to protect their most valuable investments, and therefore give the better players a day off during DGWs. It is just about impossible to predict who will play during a DGW. Continue reading

Fantasy Major League Soccer

Fantasy MLS Game Week 15 Review and Game Week 16 Preview

Déjà vu; another horrible opening day. All the big names underperformed and didn’t bring the expected points. There was a shock for most of us as BWP and Kljestan played just over twenty minutes each.

Later things improved slightly as Bradley and Pontius scored and Diaz had two assists. Dos Santos scored for LA and we saw the return of Piatti, Larin and Dwyer on the scoring scene. Everyone has Valeri in their team so the two goals and assist didn’t make much difference. The dream team was a mixture but Kansas and Orlando stood out. Top player this week was Alberg with four goals and 28 points. Well done to Goalmachine and Gallow with their high scores and keep it in the FFF top 10. Continue reading

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The RMTBot is ready for 16/17!

We have reviewed previous seasons to work out the 16/17 player prices, have loaded the newly promoted teams, and have calculated the predicted points for next season, so the Rate My Team Machine is now ready for you to to try and build your FPL team.

Create your 16/17 FPL team now.

Our Points Prediction engine takes into account new signings, formation changes, manager changes, and many other factors. Best of all it is free, so try an build your first team now. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for MLS GW15 2016

Before listing the statistical score predictions for MLS, I was wondering if anyone saw the “goal that wasn’t” in the Sporting KC v Dallas match. How could not one of the officials not notice that the ball was about 2 meters over the line. If ever there was a need for goal line technology, this was the case.  Dallas was denied a goal because MLS owners are cheap. Continue reading

Fantasy Major League Soccer

Fantasy MLS Game Week 14 Review and Game Week 15 Preview

Looking back at GW 14

What a dismal round: a very disappointing opening night with Pontius leaving in the 52nd minute. Valeri and Plata did nothing, not to mention that Hernandez received a red card. All hopes were left for the last two games. Thing went from bad to worse. Diaz played only 28 minutes. The two biggest hopes BWP and Kljestan blanked. The Dream Team was mixture of players but RSL and Toronto had the most. Continue reading