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January Wild Card League update

Hi all, I hope that it has been a lovely weekend for all. A ‘HurriKane’ hat trick and an Alonso brace provided the base for an FPL dream week. Meanwhile, this is the weekly update for the January WC league. Here, we talk about the highest scorer of the FPL gameweek and also who tops the league table. We would also talk about the tactics used by those at the top. If you would like to still join the league, you can still join till GW29. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Stats

What is the impact of 3-4-3 on our FPL teams?

Since Conte set up Chelsea in a 3-4-3 formation he has taken Chelsea to the top of the table and in the process won the League Manager of the season 3 times in a row – a feat unmatched by Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho. However, the 3-4-3 infection is spreading to other teams too. In game week 21 Everton, West Ham, Tottenham, Middlesbrough and Leicester played a form or 3-4-3. Indeed, Everton’s, West Ham’s, and Tottenham’s 3-4-3 all delivered victory. What is the impact of this 3-4-3 on our FPL Teams? Continue reading


Talking Points for game week 21

The Fantasy Football transfer window for game week 18 is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved.  Continue reading

Fantasy Champions League

The January Wild Card League and the FF1st Head To Head Qualification League

On behalf of everyone at Fantasy Football First, we thank you all for the sincere support and involvement that you have provided for the past 12 months. We all are glad to announce the return of the “January Wild Card league”. Just like 2017 has wiped out all the sorrows of 2016, the January WC league has also arrived to wipe out the frustrations and disappointments of the current FPL season. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Game Review

Man United – Not Just Ibrahimovic?

Manchester United have hit an upsurge in form over their last ten league games, with seven wins and three draws in that period. So in this article I want to analyse their defence and their midfield, and look at their prospects over the next ten league games, as well as whether or not I recommend taking on any United players into your FPL team beyond the obvious goalscoring threat of Ibrahimovic. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for EPL GW21 2017

The fast and furious pace of matches between Boxing Day and January 4, 2017, is over. The FA Cup matches have provided a brief respite from web searches and allowed time to catch up on what has transpired over GWs 19 & 20. The following 2 tables will give you an idea of how the pundits and computer generated predictions have fared during this period. Continue reading