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How the RMT Opti-Bot will get you a higher FPL score

Back in November 2015 I was asked “we know we use RMT Opti-Bot as a benchmark but how consistent is it when it comes to points return?”

I don’t think of the Rate My Team Opti-Bot as a one week tool. I think of it as a tool to help me plan over many weeks. In this article I demonstrate that the RMT Opti-Bot would have improved FPL teams when used over a number of weeks.

This article was originally published in November 2015, and has been republished for FPL Managers new to the site. Continue reading

Rate My Fantasy Premier League Team

Build your 16/17 FPL team

The RMTBot is ready for 16/17!

We have reviewed the players and prices in FPL, and have looked at manager tactics, formations and fixtures, and have simulated every game thousands of times. The Rate My Team Machine is now ready for the 16/17 season!

Check if your team is ready and import your FPL team. Continue reading

Premiership Manager Press Conferences

What impact will Guardiola have on the FPL points of players at Manchester City?

Last season, our FPL teams could have had a scintillating start by picking the City defence who kept 5 clean sheets in a row. Kolarov, Kompany, Mangala and Sagna started in all 5 games. The huge advantage these 4 gave to City was they allowed the attacking 6 to push upfield, reasonably safe in the knowledge the back four could handle any break.

However, this season they all face the scrutiny of the new manager, the difficulty of adopting new tactics, and expected competition from new signings. Yes, the Guardiola era has begun in the Etihad. Let’s look at what this means and try to identify the players who offer the highest FPL potential under the guidance of Guardiola. Continue reading

Fantasy Major League Soccer

Fantasy MLS Game weeks 18 and 19 Reviews and Game Week 20 Preview

In MLS round 18 around half of the big guns didn’t turn up, resulting in an average score of just 29 points. To cheer us up, we had the treat and excitement of unlimited transfers before round 19. It was a precursor for FPL, with change after change after change.

Game week 19 started with players missing or misfiring; Keane missed a penalty, Gio blanked – again, while heavily owned Seitz and Zimmermann were absent from their respective starting Elevens. Then along came Gerrard’s goal, Diaz’ goal and the Urruti goal. Ola Kamara scored again and a 9 man San Jose beat Toronto. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Stats

Who’s hot for the FPL

Its great that FPL is back, but it is important to know who to buy. As usual we have produced a FPL hot list of players to investigate.

However, this season we have also calculated the 15/16 points for the players who have come into the Premiership, for example, if Ibrahimovic had scored his 38 goals and 13 assists in 31 appearances for Manchester United and not Paris Saint-Germain, then he would have picked up in the region of 270 points, including bonus points. That is a massive return and justifies his £11.5m price tag. Continue reading

Late Fantasy Football Transfer

Scouting the 2016/17 signings, part 1

Every summer we cover every single transfer into the Premier League, however, in the past 4 years I think only Deulofeu has turned out to be a “non-first 11” of interest. So this season we are going to only focus on players who probably will break into the first 11. If someone comes in from left-field then we will cover them later in the season. So it is with huge who-ha and razmataz that we welcome back to the writing team Fergies Henchmen for his usual summer scouting series. Continue reading